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Training and Education:

Katherine’s formal education background includes a Bachelor’s in English with a Business minor from the University of Mary as well as 5 years volunteering and studying horseback riding and basic equine care at Skyrock Farm. Her passion has always been with animals and she is continuing her animal care education with the Veterinary Group of Chesterfield.

Favorite Part of the Job:

Katherine loves that she can be there for our animal clientele in boarding and give them the care and attention they need during their stay. She recognizes that boarding can be a stressful time for pets and parents alike, but Katherine enjoys going out of her way to give that extra bit of care to any and all of our clients so that their trip is enjoyable and worry free.


Katherine’s animal family consists of a longhaired, black cat named Olivander Widget; an American pit bull terrier mix named Thaddeus Cooper; a bearded dragon named Miss. Frizzle Figment the First, and a betta fish named Orion.